Best 21 Ways that Helps in Losing 500 Calories Per Day!


Choose to serve the dishes in the kitchen and not bring the platter to the table. That way you will avoid wanting to serve yourself again and again. If you cannot “hit the key” with the slimming routines, it’s because your habits have not changed enough yet. Take a look at the following article where we will tell you what are the 21 ways to reduce up to 500 calories a day. It is not impossible, it is worth trying it.

How to Lose 500 Calories Per Day?

Keep Active

Do not stay all day sitting in front of the computer or television. While talking on the mobile, for example, walk around the room or office, move your legs and feet to the beat of a song in the mind, everything is in favor of avoiding the stillness.

Eating Nuts Moderately

Especially if they are in a large container. According to researchers, the bigger the portion, the more you eat. While nuts are good for the heart, they have a lot of calories (1 handful contains 175 calories). If you like a lot you can opt for pistachios, since the same amount has 80 calories.

Do Not Eat in Front of the Television

According to one study, this will make you eat almost 300 calories more, because you will not be paying attention to what you eat. Instead, sit at the table to eat, without television. And instead of watching a movie, take the time to take a walk.

Take Care of What You Put in Your Salad

Is not that salads are the healthiest there is? Yes, but with some licenses. If you put fetas of ham or cheese , bacon, nuts, vinaigrettes, mayonnaise, fried foods, etc., they can make you gain a lot of weight. No more than four ingredients are fine.

Use Smaller Plates

Use one of smaller dimensions than the one you are used to. Thus, you will place less food in it. If you have been taught to “eat everything on the plate”, this will help you to eat less.

Coffee, Which is Express

The sizes of the coffee that they sell in stores nowadays are excessively large. One of those cups can contain up to 670 calories if ordered with cream or chocolate. So, better a shot of espresso, which has only 30 calories.

Measure Snacks

If you really like French fries or cookies, it’s not that they’re strictly forbidden. You can consume a portion of 5 units and save the package. Do not serve yourself a large container because you will end up eating everything, being addictive and delicious foods.

Serve Off the Table

Previously, families sat in front of a large tray of pasta or meat. This makes you want to serve yourself again and again. However, if you choose to serve the dishes in the kitchen and bring them to the table, you will reduce the desire to continue eating.

Say “No” to Cocktails

A single glass contains syrups, creamy additions, canned juices and sugars. That is, almost 800 calories. Avoid drinks of that style and prefer natural juices or those with citrus.

Eat Less Pasta

A single dish (without sauce) has 220 calories. However, if we add “taste” this value can be quintupled. Opt for whole-wheat spaghetti, for example.

Invite Fewer People at a Time

If you eat with more than seven people, without doubt, your ration will be bigger. Is that when we expect so many people at home, we prepare as for double or triple, thinking that nothing will reach.

Do Not Clean the Plate

A weight loss expert says that you have to leave 25% of the plate full. They can be leftovers a good meal for the dog or, like a lunch the next day.

Ask for a Small Menu

In fast food houses, for example, they offer us to enlarge the combos and that is bad for our health. The same happens in some restaurants. A shared portion of potato chips or dessert will save a lot of calories.

Put Aside the Shakes

They are very delicious and refreshing in the summer, but also, very caloric.

“A large glass with banana, milk and sugar has at least 800 calories”.

Opt for fruit juices.

Pay Attention to the “Hidden” Oils

It is better that the food is prepared with water or broth rather than with oil. Since each spoonful contributes 124 calories.

Get Enough Sleep

People who sleep less than 7 hours per day eat more, according to a recent investigation. If you do not sleep nap, snack, for example. Save 100 calories while sleeping.

Host Meetings

The task of going to the supermarket, cooking, cleaning or setting the table makes you consume many calories, so inviting people home is an excellent idea to “afford” the ice cream for dessert.

Say No to Soft Drinks

A glass of a sugary drink has almost 200 calories. If you drink two or three you will be passing the limits. Nothing better than water to quench thirst.

“Fill up” with Less

It is possible to cheat the stomach to eat less. For example, before lunch or dinner drink a cup of low-calorie broth and then eat less food.

Pay Attention to the Signals

The stomach “warns” when it is satisfied. It is good that you hear this sign. Instead of looking at the plate, check your body first. He will know how to say when to stop in time.

Choose Sugar-Free Drinks

Even if you are drinking a tea, if you pour several tablespoons of sugar, you will gain weight. Opt for other natural sweeteners like stevia or learn to add less and less sugar to your infusions.


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