5 Alternatives of Sugar that can be Used in Your Weight Loss Diet!


Discover the best sugar alternatives for your weight loss diet and take advantage of them. Are you trying to lose weight and one of the main challenges is to leave sweet foods? The reality is that this is a fairly common problem. Most of us enjoy sweet foods and have become accustomed to including them in our daily diet. Luckily, there are sugar alternatives for your weight loss diet and here we will give you the best ones. All the options that we will give you are natural. However, when you buy them you should check that they are really of good quality and as natural as possible. Otherwise, you could add refined and conservative sugars.

Keeping this in mind, take note and start making changes from now on. You will see that losing weight and eating rich is possible.

1. Apple Puree

The first of the sugar alternatives for your weight loss diet we love because it is economical and easy to prepare. The apple puree works perfect to flavor desserts and baked breads. Because the apple is such a common fruit, mashing it will require little investment. To make the substitution, just change 250 gr of sugar per 250 gr of applesauce. If you want the most practical version, buy the puree already processed. You will find several options in large supermarkets and stores. When buying them, check the label and avoid those that have high amounts of sodium or some type of sweetener. Another option is to prepare your own puree with boiled apples. You just need to boil them, drain them and crush them or pass them through the blender. The amount of apples will depend on their size and the amount of puree you need.

You can store the leftover in a well-covered glass container in the refrigerator. To avoid rust, use the puree a few days and add a few drops of lemon juice. You are interested in reading:  2 diets that speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight

2. Banana Puree

Another of the sugar alternatives for your weight loss diet is the banana. This fruit is well known for being one of the sweetest there is. To get the sweet flavor that replaces sugar, you need to use ripe bananas. The more mature they are, the sweeter they will be and the better the effect will be.

“This sweetener will also provide fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6 and manganese”.

You can take advantage of its sweetening effect just like apple puree. When using it, just remember to watch the portions. Remember that in excess it can cause glucose peaks. Although it is a fruit, you should have the same precautions as other sweeteners.

3. Dates as Sugar Alternatives

The third of the sugar alternatives for your weight loss diet are the delicious dates. These small fruits provide fewer calories than banana. However, they also provide potassium, magnesium and fiber. Because they are so sweet, we recommend you to do tests when you add them. You can easily overdo it with the sweet taste if you’re not careful. These fruits are perfect to sweeten your shakes or smoothies.

4. Stevia

This is one of the sugar alternatives for your weight loss diet that has become relevant. In fact, the alternatives that we mentioned are the most used. This is because it can sweeten up to 300 times more than sugar. This ability to sweeten depends on the type of stevia you use. We recommend taking advantage of fresh or liquid stevia , the two most natural versions. Among the benefits of stevia are:

  • Reduction of blood glucose levels.
  • Control of blood pressure.
  • Cost more economical than other options.

The only problem with stevia is that it may have a slightly bitter taste. But do not worry, after a while you’ll get used to it and you will not even notice it.

5. Organic Honey

One of the sugar alternatives for your favorite weight loss diet is honey. The reasons are several but the main one is its taste and ease of acquisition. Because its flavor is soft, it is easy to combine it with all kinds of foods. The only thing that you must watch is that it is of good quality. It has become common to find honey mixed with sugar and other substances. Usually, organic honey can be found in organic markets. Most commercial versions are usually pasteurized and less healthy.


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5 Alternatives of Sugar that can be Used in Your Weight Loss Diet!
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