What are the Diets that Helps you to Lose Weight Fast?

This Diet to lose weight fast title may surprise you because of its scope or simply because you do not trust one more article, from the long list of those who abound on the web about this topic of diet to lose weight fast. I will not tell you that with these comments that I want to share with you, you are losing weight … but I assure you that you can count on elements to make up a diet to lose weight fast. But at the end of the article, you will tell me…And is that about losing weight , and especially fast, there are countless articles, comments, advice, consultations, masters and even curricular doctorates that many have a medical basis, but as I always say, in medicine there are no diseases, but sick . And in this case, even if it is not a disease, it is valid to say, because each person is a universe.

Hence, I just want to give you some key elements to lose weight and you will shape your plan. That will surely be the best plan that can be designed for you. Nobody knows you like yourself, no one can interpret your realities and needs better than you! There are well-supported criteria that I will expose below. You will say which ones adapt to your situation and possibilities … and you will shape your plan or scheme

Drink Water

Drinking water, particularly before eating, contributes to increase the metabolism of human beings in the order of 24 to 30% in a stage between 1 to 1.5 hours.

“In this way you will burn calories and help the person lose weight”.

It is related in the medical literature that taking about half a liter of water about 30 minutes before the ingestion of food contributes to lose weight because people eat less and in this way it is possible to lower up to 44% more weight compared with a conventional diet. As simple as drinking water!

Drink Coffee

The coffee is rich in antioxidants if taken fresh, i.e. no more than 15 minutes after the fact køb viagra. After that time, its components oxidize and become harmful to health. And its effect to lose weight is related to its rich composition in caffeine. This contributes to lose weight in an important way because it increases fat burning between 10 to 29% by increasing metabolic transformations between 3 to 11%.

Take You

The tea, either green or white, is rich in antioxidants, mainly catechism; but in turn it has small amounts of caffeine. There are evidences that demonstrate a synergistic effect, that is, complementary and that potentiate each other, between these compounds, catechism and caffeine, stimulating the metabolism of fats, contributing in this way to reducing body weight.

Decrease the Consumption of Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates

The abuse of sugar consumption has become a real problem for contemporary society. And more than consumption we can talk about over-consumption. And this leads to favoring overweight and obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The conclusion is obvious: you reduce the excessive consumption of sugar, you reduce the overweight and with it the potential risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Something similar happens with refined carbohydrates that are usually sugar or grains that have been removed from their nutritional part. Hence, the ingestion of whole carbohydrates including the fiber contained in them is recommended. It is shown that the presence of fiber in the meals we eat increases the feeling of fullness and thus helps in the long term in the control of body weight. The excess of sugar in any of its forms has a notable negative impact, but nevertheless if it is about its presence in beverages it is noticeably worse. In this regard, sugar-sweetened beverages are related to a risk higher than 60% to help children to appear overweight and obesity.

In this regard you can achieve, through the consumption of complete fruits, the beneficial effect of the fiber that is excluded when preparing a juice. In conclusion, there is a wealth of specialized literature that shows that maintaining a low-carbohydrate diet can contribute to losing up to 3 times more body weight, compared to a regular low-fat diet alone.

Have a Healthy Diet

The culmination of any comment on a diet to lose weight fast is linked to having a healthy diet. But this comment is valid not only in relation to weight, but to your health in general. Avoid the excesses of ingestion of unhealthy foods, of the type that is known as junk food, is a success. You lose weight and you preserve your health. Everything is profit! Instead you can consume some easy-to-prepare foods such as a hard-boiled egg, fresh and dried fruits, seeds (nuts, toasted pumpkin seeds, salt-free peanuts, and sesame, among others); carrot and yogurt. Fed, satisfied and oblivious to the temptation to eat more, and in turn losing weight. The fruits and vegetables provide few calories and in turn are rich in fiber and water. Another edge of the composition of the diet is the amount of protein you eat. There is no doubt that among the fundamental nutrients that we receive through the foods present in your food is the proteins. By having a high-protein diet increases metabolism is achieved in the order of 80 to 100 calories per day, independently that helps you feel satisfied the need to eat being able to reduce daily about 440 calories less.

One aspect of this is the consumption of supplements rich in whey protein. Substituting part of the calories with whey protein can contribute to losing about 4 kilograms of body weight, increasing muscle mass in parallel.

Eat More Slowly

By eating more slowly the signals that the brain receives, mainly in the center of satiety, is that it has received enough food and that therefore you should not eat more. Obviously this defines that the ingestion of calories from your diet to lose weight fast is lower and therefore you will lose weight.

Practice Exercises

The practice of physical activity in a systematic way helps regulate body weight in the worst case because if you take a scheme of routines that balance load often lose weight by burning the fats accumulated in humans. And is that doing aerobics in particular is a fantastic way to burn calories and contribute to improving physical health, but also the mental. Other physical exercises, such as lifting weights contribute in a transcendental way to lose weight. But even more when losing weight that annoying muscular flaccidity appears that can be avoided when lifting weights and thus low weight and maintain muscle tone. In essence, you can forget about diets and focus on maintaining a nutritional scheme based on healthy food. And is that any diet for weight loss quickly transits weight loss immediately, an effect that is lost in the long term.

When you lose weight quickly you are losing water and not fat. More than direct your attention to achieve weight loss quickly you should focus on maintaining a healthy diet and control your weight gradually but steadily.