What is Dukan Diet and What are the Considerations of this Diet?


The Dukan diet is divided into phases during which the consumption of some foods must be restricted with the intention of prioritizing protein intake and promoting weight loss. A balanced diet is the basis of good health. Usually, when we decide to stick to a new style of eating in order to control our weight we seek advice from different sources. In this way we can select the diet according to our interests. However, failure to consult with a recognized specialist can lead us to make wrong decisions. Today we will tell you about the Duncan Diet.

What is the Duncan Diet?

Nowadays, there are many food options to make us lose weight. A plan previously prepared by a nutritionist gives us a sense of security and facilitates the process of adaptation to a new way of feeding ourselves. Among the best-known diets, we can mention the diet of the points, the diet of the Mayo Clinic and the Dukan diet. The Duncan diet offers the patient the opportunity to lose weight quickly based on a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. It is divided into 4 phases, which focus on losing weight and, subsequently, keeping the goal achieved. It was created by French dietitian Pierre Dukan who became famous in 2000 when he published his first book on weight loss entitled I cannot lose weight . His method of weight loss quickly became popular; however, he was greeted with considerable skepticism by the medical community. In 2011, the Spanish Association of Dieticians and Nutritionists strongly rejected the efficacy of this diet, considering it fraudulent and without scientific basis.

But … Why is the Duncan Diet Considered a Fraud?

The loss of weight in an individual, inadequately, can imply the loss of muscle mass. The Duncan Diet is a hyperproteic diet that increases the protein intake above the body’s requirements (approximately 90g / day). At the same time it reduces the consumption of other nutrients such as carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are necessary for our metabolism; on the other hand the excess of proteins can overload the renal metabolism. According to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) this diet can lose muscle mass, generate constipation, fatigue, cramps and problems in the liver and kidneys.

Phases of the Dukan Diet

The diet is divided into two phases, which focus on losing weight and then stabilizing the goals obtained.

  • Attack Phase

During this stage, the patient is recommended to consume foods rich in animal proteins, while carbohydrates such as sweets, cereals and pasta are prohibited.

“To achieve the desired result, it is important to accompany the feeding of a lot of water that will act as a purifying element”.

Dukan states that the duration of this first phase will depend on the amount of weight you want to lose (1-7 days).

  • Cruise Phase

During this stage, we will continue with a diet rich in animal protein, but we can include vegetables and vegetables raw or cooked in salted water. We must start by introducing the vegetables on alternate days, so that the effects are not so abrupt for the organism. It is recommended to include 30 minutes a day of physical exercises. Its duration is 7 days per kilogram to lose…

  • Consolidation Phase

It is time to start introducing fruits and carbohydrates in the diet. We will have a day of celebration, also known as food trap to eat what we want. At this stage of the diet it is recommended to include two servings of fruits, whole wheat bread, cheese and other dairy products each day. One day a week is dedicated to eat only proteins to avoid the rebound effect. It lasts 10 days per kilo lost.

  • Stabilization Phase

The fourth and final phase of the Dukan Diet is the return to our normal eating habits. Three rules should be maintained for life to not regain weight: Eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran daily walk 20 minutes a day and forget the lifts and keep pure protein on Thursday. According to the author, this will help the body to relax without having to return to the harmful habits of the past. At this point, exercise must be a crucial part of the individual’s routine. Each person must spend at least one hour daily performing high and medium impact exercises.


The Duncan diet, despite its popularity is not suitable for weight loss, due to the nutrient instability it causes. Before making any decision regarding your diet we always recommend the supervision of a good specialist.


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What is Dukan Diet and What are the Considerations of this Diet?
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