Occurrence of Genital Psoriasis in Men and Women!

Genital psoriasis is associated with  reverse psoriasis, genital psoriasis is characterized by the appearance of plaque-shaped lesions, they have a bright reddish color, as genital psoriasis is part of reverse psoriasis, nor does it show scaling as well as they present other types of psoriasis that we have already mentioned in previous articles. If you have been affected with psoriasis in your genital area or know someone who has it, you know very well how frustrating it is to live with it.

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Genital Psoriasis Affects both Men and Women.

If you are a man, genital psoriasis can affect the following areas:

  • Penis
  • Glans
  • Testicular scrotum

The symptoms you will present if you have genital psoriasis are the same as the symptoms of inverse psoriasis, because as we have already said, this psoriasis is related to inverse psoriasis. So you will present reddish plaques on the penis, glans and / or testicular scrotum. You can also experience erection problems because this psoriasis causes cracks to appear in the lesions, which can make you bleed and this directly affects your skin preventing you from having a normal erection. If you are a woman, the lesions of this type of psoriasis will depend on the location of the plaques, the lesions can occur in the following areas:

  • The folds of the labia majora
  • The labia minora
  • The vestibule of the vagina

As in men and as in reverse psoriasis the symptoms you will have are the same, so you will have a reddish appearance in the folds of the labia majora, the labia minora and / or the vestibule of the vagina and in the same way than reverse psoriasis, the symptoms you will present are without scales.

“If you are a man or a woman, it is very important that you know and be clear that genital psoriasis is not transmitted by direct contact, or by sexual intercourse”.

If you have genital psoriasis, you will have to face more problems in your sex life than any other person, since this psoriasis will end up becoming a real obstacle to the development of your sex life. In many cases due to lack of information regarding genital psoriasis, many people feel guilty for presenting this condition. If you manage to get a stable partner, it is very important that you have a very sincere conversation and tell him or her the problem that you present, this will allow you to find support in your partner helping you maintain self-esteem, enabling you a sexual life without setbacks . In these cases it is advisable to use a condom, since with its use you will avoid the contact of your skin with the skin of your partner, making the irritation of the area less. The vast majority of people with genital psoriasis are frustrated and feel guilty for presenting that condition, which makes the problem worse, we provide you with information so you know about your genital psoriasis, after being with all this information is It is important that you look for the right psoriasis treatments so that you eliminate your psoriasis. The book Cure Su Psoriasis is a tool with a lot of professional information that will help you fight your psoriasis problem, will accompany you throughout your healing process by giving you the best treatments. You can start having a psoriasis-free life from now!